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Heroics and Decency
I'm looking at a few concepts that have historical footing in military, but are now a part of everyday white collar western society.
Chivalry is an concept we've transmuted into holding a door for a woman, but has, like many things in our social order, deeper roots in military and knighthood. Currently, I'm working on a book that tracks the evolution and reasons for the shift from sacrificing one's life for their king or lady, to being a signifier for a 'decent' man.
From the Khaki Army, to WWII US uniforms, to the stereotype white-collar worker's dockers, the color Khaki sure has come a long way baby.
The Mounties, or RCMP are a symbol of Canadiana, but began as a private military force policing the wilderness of Western Canada, controlled under the label as Rupert's Land.